Android 1.6 baby!

Samsung said it can’t be done. Samsung said it won’t be done, because it’s impossible.

Samsung Galaxy sporting Donut
Donut for the orphaned Galaxy

Well shame on companies lying to its customers. Once again I had to turn to the small but great Android-Samsung community and Tada! My Samsung Galaxy now sports the sweetness of Donut (also known as Android 1.6). This is still old (Nexus One runs Android 2.1) but a huge step forward from 1.5, the Market is actually usable now.

Only bad thing is that I suddenly got my old keyboard trouble back. Swedish stock keyboard, or the in my opinion better HTC keyboard but then only in English. Never quite satisfied am I? :)

If you have a Galaxy and is out to root your phone Drakaz Galaxo ROM will do the trick. Just read the post below carefully (there are always a certain risk when rooting/flashing and it will always be your headache and no one else will take any responsibility for any trouble). Link to frandroid forum (parts are in french, but just scroll down and you’ll find English instructions:

And whatever you do, don’t buy a Samsung yourself since the care for customers after purchase is literally non-existing.