404 Errors

Just wanted to acknowledge that the move from my old blogger account obviously didn’t go as smoothly as I thought. As a result some links and referrals gave a 404 Error, page not found. Sorry! Good news is that the 100 or so pageviews of 404 made me react and now everything should be back to normal. :)

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Consultant in the area of IT Project Management and project administration. Dedicated technical enthusiast playing with mobiles, computers etcetera. The rest of my time goes into music (mainly guitar or listening) and friends (including my family).

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  1. i have a samsung mini, and it locked me out. i dont know how to get my phone unlocked. the phone shop i got it from said ‘we cant do anything, sorry!’ i got it not even a week ago. IM NOT HAPPY! dont get this phone, its shit..

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