So what is this place then and why do I have it?

Actually, I use it more as a site and less as a log. I write because I like sharing my thoughts or write about ideas and solutions I might have, simple as that. It’s not about bringing you the latest news, there are better places for that and I would never be able to keep up by myself anyway. If you are interested in my day-to-day reflections I’m on Twitter @ETysen and on Google+ as Einar Tysén. Say hi if you find me!

The intensity of my writing will depend highly on what I’m doing in my normal life for the moment and that could mean no posts what so ever for months or one post each day. I’ll continue as long as I find it rewarding and I’ll stop if I get bored. I don’t get paid to write anything so when I write that I like a product it’s because I do and not because I’ve got paid and of course the other way around (any changes on this will be made very clear). Though…I tend to focus on things I like more than things I dislike :)

We start with how you ended up here, as always there are alternatives. You might have used a search engine like Google and a term that matched something I’ve written about (this makes up around 50%) of my traffic. Glad to see you here, I hope you found what you were looking for. The second alternative is that you found a link to this page, awesome! It didn’t say “this guy is totally off” huh? If you had an idea on where you were going I hope I lived up to the expectations. If you actually typed in this address or even more amazing, have it bookmarked…you probably don’t read this page. I like you all the same :)

But pinnapedia? What’s up with that name?

I like seals, no particular reason I just find them to be fun animals. In Latin the seal family is called Pinnipedia from the two words pinna (fin/feather) and pedia (foot). When I started my blogger blog I needed a name. Unfortunately pinnipedia was already taken by some guy who made one post in 2006 about beards. I deserve to have it of course but that’s not how Google works :) When trying to find a solution to this mighty problem Google search gladly asked me if I meant Pinnapedia. If you just combine the words pinnapedia you end up with a grammatically faulty sentence (if my Googled-latin-skills serves me right) but who am I to care about that? When I changed to my own domain I could’ve named it what ever I liked but the faulty word has grown on me and I kinda like the story behind it. Therefore, Pinnapedia still lives :)

I love every comment I get so feel free to post a comment or send me an e-mail if something works/doesn’t, you agree/disagree or just want to say hi. Nice to see you here anyway!