Blogger vs Joomla vs WordPress part 2

This is part 2, the first part “Joomla as a blog tool” can be found here:

On to part 2 – Changing to WordPress

After giving up on Joomla (I don’t like to admit it but that was the case) I figured it’s time to make it easy for myself. That’s why this blog runs on WordPress. Was it as simple that I imagined, after all I had never used it before? Actually yes. WordPress installation is quick, simple and straight forward. I think the actual blog was up and running in 10 minutes approximately. I won’t describe the installation here, gives you everything you need including instructions.

On to more interesting things, importing my blogger posts etcetera.

This wasn’t that much of a challenge either, I found this blog: That’s really all you need. Instead I will tell you what remains to be done.

Permalinks and pagerank from blogger. hellosam goes through this but in my quick quick attempt it didn’t work out. I haven’t found the time for more attempts, but that’s what holidays are for right? I’ll get back on the matter I think.

Layout. Right now I’m using a WordPress theme called iNove by NeoEase. I think it’s a fairly good looking one but…for one thing it’s a bit to fancy for me. The black shiny header just doesn’t seem quite right to me, neither does some of the objects in the right column. I actually tried to edit these already since I thought it would be a walk in the park. The only accomplished result is that I now have two identical archives :)
Need some time to look into this as well.

That’s it for now, but now that I wrote my migration posts I can start posting other fun stuff again!

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