>Tough week


This has really been a hard one, therefore no blogposts.
On Monday some sneaky bastard stole my phone and I’ve been trying to work without a calendar since then. Very confusing and with all the energy wasted on blocking the SIM, the phone, reporting to the police, the insurance company etcetera etcetera I haven’t had much left for the fun stuff in life. At least I finished last week with a high when installing Windows 7 so I can enjoy my laptop a bit extra now that my precious magic Android left me. On a side note, my brother just got a new phone…and he got himself an iPhone. Something must have gone bad in my attempts to save the world. Next week I’ll try to pick myself together and start thinking of who can ever replace the magic that once was, suggestions are welcome :)

>What a vacation eh?


Now that was some vacation wouldn’t you say?
I am of course back some time ago, but my motivation took some extra.
I’ve been thinking about changing the focus on this blogg a bit.
Less news and most likely posts. Instead of trying to get you to come back here checking what I wrote this time I’ll try to write interesting stuff (according to the stats you seem to like instructions so expect more of those) that might lure some unsuspecting googlers of their track :)
Of course I want you to come back for more so I’ll try to keep em coming and the small suggestions and product heads-up will of course not stop.
That’s it for now, I’ve got a small and simple how-to enable stats for blogger (since Blogger decided to make it hard for us) coming up. Not the first one out there but having one more place to find it can’t hurt right?

>Vacation vacation!


Time for some relaxing, no work, loads of sun and some plain old fun. This could mean that I won’t post as frequently, or the other way around. It depends on weather etcetera, but if I don’t post for a while then you know why. :)
Other than that I want to add my woho for Stockholm Pride that took place this weekend. Everyone should be able to stand by this message of freedom and love. Well back to techie again :)
Stick around!


>Just to brag a bit, normally I’m very humble as some of you know…

I’ve been active in the Google Mobile Help forum (users help users forum run by Google for it’s Mobile services, with the additional touch of google employee presence). To encourage people to keep on helping they use something called Levels. I have no clue about the exact algorithm behind it but it seems to build on your amount of answers, correct answers. And so on.

To the point, a while ago I became the first user to reach level 3, cute. Last Friday I got to Level 4 which turned out to be the highest level, now we’re talking! :)
If I’m not misstaken I was first again which is always nice, especially since this is a global forum for all their Mobile services, I’m quite flattered actually. I’ll send you my application later on Google :D


>Now it begins!

I’m gonna start writing about fun, useful hints and solutions, news etcetera.
The main goal is not that grand, I just like writing and it keeps me alert. If someone happens to read it I will of course not complain.

To start with I will be writing mostly in Swedish unless I feel like there is a reason for English, you’ll notice I guess. I would also like to take the opportunity to ad that when I shameless promote a product or service it is because I like it. No one pay me to write anything (positive or negative), I’m just easily Wowed. However if someone want to pay me you are of course welcome to send me a mail and we’ll see if it’s something that I like :)


Nu börjar det!

Tänkte börja skriva lite här om roliga och användbara tankar, nyheter, lösningar och så vidare. Huvudsyftet är egentligen inget annat än att det är kul att skriva och hålla igång hjärnan lite, men om någon skulle råka läsa det hela gör inte det någonting.

Åtminstone såhär i inledningen kommer det allra mesta vara på svenska om det inte finns skäl till att skriva på engelska men det lär ge sig. Vill också passa på att säga att när jag gör skamlös reklam för en produkt eller tjänst är det för att jag gillar den. Ingen betalar mig för att skriva positiva saker, jag är bara lättflirtad. Däremot om någon vill betala mig så är det bara att skicka ett mail så ska vi se om ni säljer något jag gillar :)