Chrome to phone – a preview of the future?

I installed a new Google Chrom Extension a while back called Chrome to Phone. The idea isChrome to Phone logo quite simple, now and then you will be using your computer and realise that you need the information on your desk/laptop screen on your mobile device. Instead of typing it in you send the information to your phone and we’re not talking about just text here. I made a short list on what’s supported:

  • URL (web address), send it and your phone will automatically open your browser and take you to the same page you had on your desktop
  • Google Maps links, been planning your travel route with Google Maps and don’t want to redo it on your phone? Send it and it will open in Google Maps
  • Select plain text and it will be sent to your phones clipboard, ready for pasting in an text message, mail, facebook status or whatever you choose. Just long-press then select paste
  • Select a phone number and press send, like magic your phone will launch your dialer (default or custom) with the number already populated. Sweet
  • YouTube links, of course they launch your native YouTube app

As far as I’m aware there is only an Android version, and it requires you to run Android 2.2 (FroYo). On your device you need to install a service to “catch” the information and you have to be logged in with the same Google Account. To stop misuse of course.

Been trying it out now for a while and it will definitely stay installed. It’s cool, it’s simple and actually quite useful. When we have the same implementation for sending music, pictures etcetera I’m guessing that there’s really no reason to connect your phone to your computer via cable any more :)

Learn more and try it out:

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3 thoughts on “Chrome to phone – a preview of the future?”

  1. Hi Einar

    Are you still using the Chrome to Phone add-on?
    If yes, you maybe want to test my new service called
    It’s based on Chrome to Phone and allows to send any text to your android phone (not just text you select on a webpage). This way, texting/chatting becomes very comfortable and fast (faster than typing it on the touchscreen keyboard).

    Would be very nice if you could test it and maybe do a post or a tweet about it.

    Thanks and kind regards

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