Ah if only I could travel back in time and make sure I started using a weird alias that will never be taken. Closest to that now is etysen, (first name initial + lastname) that I have on twitter and so on. But, I used difference ones before, even here on this blog. A brief history on names follows…

ET – Who? ET? Isn’t that a Steven Spielberg character?

Well that is true, ET is a famous character from..well E.T. Not in this case though (would be cool on the other hand). ET is simply my initials. Unfortunately very few places allows 2 character aliases and where they do ET is often taken.

So what about this “Osky” that pops up here and there? That’s a long story but here is the short version. I had a Swedish alias that I used sometimes, unfortunately it was close to unpronounceable in English. Instead people started calling me Osky (my Swedish nick shortened), I like the name and it’s actually somewhat close to my middle name so I stay with it. If I create an account somewhere today Osky would probably be my preferred choice but since it’s often taken on more popular sites I’ve tend to lean towards etysen instead. Very confusing I know. I really need to start lock etysen down everywhere instead of messing around.

That’s it about the names, now to find the most up to date  “what I’m up to”, if you’re really curious just head over to and of course follow me on Twitter: