Google Reader shutting down


Yup. Google Reader is shutting down (Official Google Reader Blog). not very surprising. Back in October 2011 Google started nudging the user in away from the platform by removing some social features (Same blog back in 2011) and then with Google Currents (that can use your GReader feeds) indication turned to big signs.

I’m not a huge RSS user anymore, I find enough reading through other social networks like G+, Twitter and Facebook. If you still are, everyone is talking about Feedly today. I took the opportunity to install the app and migrate my GReader feed, very simple and they even wrote a blog post aimed at all the newcomers :)

I like it so far! Then it’s just that small problem of time to read more…
Oh, and the irony that I crosspost this in Google+ since there is no good way to feed it in there is not lost on me. :-)

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