How to: Update Firmware on Samsung Galaxy with Odin

Tired of your Galaxy? Getting tired of Samsungs unwillingness to update your phone? Then it might be time to consider rooting it. Before you look any closer you should remember that unlocking your bootloader will void your warranty. The risks are slim but they do exist and neither I or anyone else will take any responsibility for any problem that could occur. However you will always loose all your data on the phone! The external SD card will be left untouched.

That was the disclaimer on to more fun stuff! This guide will upgrade your phone firmware and baseband to I7500XEJC6 which is a leaked official (almost) firmware from Samsung. Tool for this is Odin Multi Downloader and this guide should work fine with later versions as well. It’s not as hard as it look, I just wrote a quite extensive guide divided in many steps. My goal is that you should be able to achieve this without any pre-knowledge at all. After that you can choose to continue and install Galaxo 1.6.2 ROM  and Recovery 4.6.2 by Drakaz. The recovery image contains a set of tools that can be accessed by booting the phone in recovery mode whilst the ROM is a modification of the actual phone OS that you will boot every day. Read my next post for that here. This is not very hard and you should be good to go in about an hour if the drivers doesn’t give you a very hard time. Note that this guide focus on how to do this on a Windows computer, it’s possible on Mac and Linux but since I don’t have any experience on that I’ll let you look for that answer somewhere else.

Phase 0: Preparations

0.1 Time to get your phone ready, and get the necessary files.

Download Odin Multi Downloader, Firmware and if you like Galaxo Rom and Recovery.

If you already have ADB (Android DeBugging) up and running just skip the driver steps, otherwise keep reading.

0.2 Get the Android SDK from here: then unzip it wherever you like. This guide will assume that you unzipped it to c:\android\ to keep it simple.

0.3 Download this very small zipfile and extract the file android_winusb.inf to c:\android\usb_driver\i386 (or if you use a 64-bit windows c:\android\usb_driver\amd64)

0.4 Install Samsung PC studio from the CD that came with your phone (or get it here from Samsung)

0.5 Activate USB debugging on your phone, Settings->Applications->Development->Enable USB debugging

0.6 Connect your phone to your computer, Windows will start to install your drivers but will fail on one device

0.7 Open the Device Manager. Right click on the unknown device and select “Update driver” then “Browse my computer for driver software”

0.8 Choose to search the location c:\android\usb_driver\i386 (or \amd64). Choose to install the driver even though it isn’t signed.

0.9 Time to see how it went, you should now have “ADB Interface->Samsung Galaxy Composite ADB Interface” in your Device Manager. To make it more exiting this isn’t always the case. I used to have it, but not any more. ADB still works though…to be sure Press “Win-button + R” and type in “cmd” then press “Enter”

0.10 In the terminal window that opens type (without the “”) “cd c:\android\tools” and press enter. Then use your very first ADB command by typing “adb devices”. Now you should get a reply that looks something like this:

List of connected devices
Device list example

0.11 If you did get I7500xxxxx, congratulations. ADB is up and running! If you didn’t we have something of a problem on our hands. Could be of several reasons but start with de-select debugging, connect to your computer and mount your SD card. Unplug and redo from step 0.XX. I also added some alternative drivers from Samsung here. Post in comments if you can’t get it to work! There are so many alternative drivers and ways to install them floating around that posting everything here would be impossible. With the first device I tried only the first driver was needed, with the second I installed the second zip as well to get it to work.


Just found a new driver…once again. Amazing how hard it can be but several people says that this is it :) Here’s the link


Phase 1: Update your Firmware with Odin Multi Downloader

1.1 Unzip both the Odin and Firmware zip files at any location

1.2 Right-click Odin.exe and choose “Run as administrator”, it’s absolutely necessary that you do it as an admin!

1.3 Start with pointing out the .ops file included in the Odin zip file. If you downloaded the I7500XEJC6 firmware above it should hold 4 different files ending with .tar. Other versions can hold only 1 and is then called a “one package” (note on that below). Point out your corresponding files to BOOT, PHONE and PDA (the CSC file included can be used, some people claimed different benefits from this I tried both without noticing any difference. However that is the localized file for the carrier. This leak is from Russia so before using it you should write down your APN settings and the menu positions to get to the change language options unless you speak Russian :) ) like showed in the picture below.

Example of Odin set-up
Example of Odin set-up

(If you only got one .tar file just tick the box next to “One Package” and point that file out on the right, ignore the rest.)

1.4 Time to back-up anything you want to save from your phone, search the market for backup and you’ll find many options.

1.5 Shut down you phone and connect it to your computer via USB

1.6 Start your phone in “Download mode” by pressing  and holding “Volume down + OK + Power” buttons

1.7 You phone should now say “Downloading…” and show a SD card like icon

1.8 In Odin, look at the white frame on the left, it should say “<1> Added!!!”, “<1> Detected!!!” just like the picture above

1.9 Time to hit that switch! Press Start in Odin and go have a cup of coffee while Odin does it Magic. When finished it will reboot, this could take a couple of minutes

1.10 If it got stuck on the Samsung logo, have no fear. A wipe should get you going. Shut down your phone (pull the battery if you have to) and boot in recovery mode by pressing and holding “Volume down + Answer + Hang up/Power” buttons. When you see the triangle with a ! all you have to do is press the “Menu” button. The phone will perform a Wipe and then restart. Still not working? Start over from step 1.XX – Download mode.

1.11 Perform a wipe as instructed in 1.10 and you’re all done! In Settings->About phone you should now see that Firmware version says something like Galaxy 1.6 and Baseband version says I7500XEJC6. The picture below shows that screen after Galaxo installation.

Updated Galaxy
“About phone” after update

Optional next step…Flash Recovery and Flash Galaxo Rom

This guide could not have been written without Drakaz hard work for the community and everyone else dedicating time to trouble shoot and explain in forums like: and last but definitely not least

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33 thoughts on “How to: Update Firmware on Samsung Galaxy with Odin”

  1. I can’t get it to work under win2k (windows refuses driver update), and the download link for the “alternative USB driver” is dead

    1. Sorry to say but I have no input on drivers for win2k. I can of course google it but since I don’t have any access to a win2k machine I can’t try it. I’m a bit reluctant to recommend you to install drivers I haven’t tried at all. Sorry I can’t be of much help here.

      1. Thanks for the answer, and no problem for this, i know win2k isn’t your (and shouldn’t be your) priority ;)

        The step that didn’t work seems to be optional, as my update worked despite this

        1. Ah yes, if you’re only upgrading the firmware you don’t need ADB to work hence don’t need the drivers. It does help if you run into problems though. glad you’ve got it sorted :)

  2. I certainly an thankful for all of the hard effort that you’ve done keeping this site going for all of us. I absolutely hope this is here for a very long while.

  3. I am lost at the point when Odin is finished, my phone reboots, and the SIM PIN is requested. I put mine in, and then it seems to want a second one. Not sure what to put in there. Thoughts?

    1. No reason to panic just yet. The language can of course be changed, the hard part is figuring out where the option is. go into settings by using the icon.
      Now we need to find the right menu, trying out with some google translates since my Galaxy is at home and I need to check that before giving you the exact “one from the top instruction”:
      Language in Russian is: язык
      Location in Russian is: Местоположение
      Not sure that will help you, the other option before I can look at my Galaxy is to tap into the different settings menus until you find the list with languages.

      To get your connection sorted you need to put in the correct APN settings for your carrier, just Google for APN settings “carrier name”. Another option would be to find the CSC file for your carrier but that might be harder.

      Let me know how it goes and I’ll post back later today.

  4. I just did this on a Galaxy 5 to update from 2.1-update1 to 2.2, and everything went really smoothly – but maybe too smoothly? I didn’t lose anything – not my contacts, my apps, not even my past text messages. I was under the impression all data would be lost. Literally the only change (other than the firmware update in general) was that the phone was in German, but between the six weeks of German I had in middle school and the very easy-to-understand icons, I was able to fix that right away. The phone works though, and now it connects to wifi connections (which it previously did not). Should I be worried?

    1. Hi there, no need to worry. You obviously failed the factory reset as you mention but performing a factory reset as you update is only recommended. If it works smoothly just let it be but if it starts acting up a factory reset might help you along.

      Thank you for your feedback!

  5. Dear sir,
    Can you please send me a link where I can download the following files:
    Firmware, Galaxo Rom and Recovery. The links above don’t work in my case.
    thanks in advance.



  6. Hi,
    I have a “one package” firmware for my galaxy ace, do i need a OPS file fore this or I should ignore this too?

    1. Hi there,
      never tried anything with an Ace so I don’t know.
      If I remember it right the OPS file is an option file for Odin and is required. I’m not absolutely sure, you should really look for a guide written for the Ace, and a bit more recent than this one :)

      Best of luck!

  7. Hey, my phone has been custom ROM’d before by friends using ROMkitchen…. am I ok to go ahead and update my firmware using ODIN or do i have to do something else? Do i need to go and redo another custom ROM instead?

  8. I have Samsung Galaxy Pop CDMA (i559)… will this procedure be applicable for my device as well? Please let me know.

  9. Samsung Illusion SCH-i110 using odin.. wht files do i need.. i have pre rooted kernbal and stock kernal for odin.. says to use with pda.. will not work with those tar files .. please help.. phone boots to white scereen or samsung with yellow caution sign.

  10. i upgraded the GT-S6012 2.3.6 to ICS 4.04 it goes so smoothly no abrupt occurs. when the phone rebooted itself i check the about mobile software it still shows the 2.3.6

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