>It’s some kind of Magic

I humbly apologize that this post is close to commercial, this not being paid for in any way. I honestly just say what I think.

First of all, I got my new phone last week. One HTC Magic (a.k.a. myTouch) running on Android. Let me tell you, I can assure you, I haven’t stopped smiling since.

I had some issues getting used to the differences between my Touch Diamond and the Magic, and still do. An example, my Diamond came with a stylus pen that I hardly ever used but it was there. Instead of using the stylus I used my nails when I needed to tap something small and tricky. The screen on the Magic is of another kind. It’s delivered without the stylus, because it would simple not work. This screen requires that it is a finger you’re using. The sensitivity of the screen is awesome and now a week later I have hardly “miss-tapped” a single time, but I’m still struggling a bit to keep my nails of it.

Other than that I’m almost as happy as can be, my Cons so far:
– I can’t choose how to display my contacts, being used to “Last Name, First Name” I get annoyed on the Google default “First name Last Name”.
– When texting and adding words to the dictionary (XT9) I find it strange that after manually typing the new word and saving, it doesn’t write the word. I have to type again so it can collect it from the dictionary, small but annoying.
– Facebook and Google is obviously not great friends. Rumour has it that this is a quote from FB management “Android sucks!”, no wonder we don’t have an official, native app yet.
– Hardware. The camera could have been better; it’s ok but not good.
– Start-up time. Ok, I don’t shut down my phone that much but when I do I don’t want to wait for an eternity when starting up again.

And of course…the Pros
+ Sleek design, this is of course a matter of taste. In my opinion it looks and feels great, I will marry it.
+ Quick quick quick! Windows Mobile is faaaaar behind. Quick and Smooth my Android is.
+ Sync possibilities. Suddenly I have no problem synchronizing with both Google and Exchange. Extra nice that it keeps separated in the phone, no duplicates!
+ Android Market. I know I know, the Apple Store is superior and everyone else should stop trying, yada yada yada. I have been downloading a lot and only miss the Facebook app so far.
+ The screen. Resolution could have been higher but for input it’s great.
+ Love my Homescreens
+ Browser, better than IE (of course) and Opera mini. I haven’t used an iPhone or tough enough to compare with.

Ah I could go on forever, but let’s stop there. After I added, the Droid is a happy camper.
All in all, this is some good shit!

Picture borrowed from GSMArena.

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