New licensing service for Android Market apps

Yesterday Google announced a new licensing service on the Android Developers Blog.

To put it simple Google is listening to developers complaining about there applications being too easily copied and spread (finding paid apps on the major piracy networks are quite common). This is a very good thing, it’s the developers that keeps driving Android forward and of course they should be paid for their efforts when they ask for it. The new service will certainly not be unbreakable (it never is) but as long as it’s easier to pay that’s what the majority of users will do.

The problem is that it won’t be easier. Google still hasn’t enabled paid apps for a majority of the world (done country by country). For me in Sweden that means that there isn’t any easy way to pay for my apps (possible yes, easy no and the question is if the “workarounds” are much more legit than downloading the apps). Today I don’t use any paid apps since I can’t get hold of them and paying the developer at the same time.

This is simple marketing:

  • Android will gain popularity with more quality apps on the market
  • More apps will be developed if the developers gets paid
  • More developers will get paid when more users has access to paid apps
  • repeat loop until happy

Conclusion, nice one Google but remember that the original problem that lead to the common use of downloaded paid apps is still there. A problem “you” created. As long as the disease remains it won’t help that you’re treating the symptoms. Give us paid apps, not in a year, ASAP. Not until then will the problem be truly solved.

Also reported by: Swedroid

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