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Back in business!
I finaly got my Samsung Galxy and the world couldn’t be sweeter. I though that I would list a few things that differs from my old Magic.As always it’s much easier to identify the negative differences but I’ll try to raise above that and throw in a couple of good ones. Here goes:
  • Buttons, my phone has a bunch of them. Apart from me pushing the wrong one all the time this is a good thing. Dedicated lock button, dedicated camera etcetera.
  • Keyboard (on screen), HTC has their own keyboard very similar to the one I had in my Touch Diamond. Without doubt this is so far what bugs me the most, Samsung is far behind here. Now I got a very standard qwerty with quite small buttons, compared to the lovely compact qwerty in the HTC. It also lacked swedish lettering and dictonary. Lettering and dictonary was quickly solved and I’m looking into changing it all together, stay tuned for a how-to!

  • The screen, oh my god this AMOLED is sweet! Bright and samazing colour, less battery drain is a welcome feature.

  • Battery, really too early to say anything. The Galaxy has a better battery according to the specification and so far I would agree. What happens when I start playing around, well time will tell.

  • Exchange support, my HTC Magic had excellent Exchange support out of the box whilst my new Galaxy has nothing but POP/IMAP for mail. I’ll look into this and see what can be arranged and if I find anything you know where the how-to will be published :)

Thats all for now but considering my history of running into technical corners with my toys you can expect some posts on how to get out of them. I’ll take some photos of my new baby when I get home and update the post.

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