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I’m asking for a bit of help here…
At last I managed to find something that bugs the hell out of me in Android.
My Magic has three calendars (think I mentioned this before).
One local that is called “my Calendar”, my Google Calendar that I sync (a couple of them actually but lets not make this complicated) and an Exchange calendar from work that I also sync.
When ever I create a new calendar event I have to choose which calendar I want to put it in, not really a problem if I could change default since I like it synced and places almost all my events in my Google cal. But I can’t. Default is the local “My calendar” and it can’t be changed. Further more, when you created an event, you can’t move it from one calendar to another! Silly silly.
To the point where you help me out…
You can suggest changes and report bugs in Android. They are listed by popularity, that is how many that “starred” a specific suggestion. So help me out! Star this baby so I get a better phone :)
Cheers, thanks etc.

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