Blogger vs Joomla vs WordPress part 2

This is part 2, the first part “Joomla as a blog tool” can be found here:

On to part 2 – Changing to WordPress

After giving up on Joomla (I don’t like to admit it but that was the case) I figured it’s time to make it easy for myself. That’s why this blog runs on WordPress. Was it as simple that I imagined, after all I had never used it before? Actually yes. WordPress installation is quick, simple and straight forward. I think the actual blog was up and running in 10 minutes approximately. I won’t describe the installation here, gives you everything you need including instructions.

On to more interesting things, importing my blogger posts etcetera.

This wasn’t that much of a challenge either, I found this blog: That’s really all you need. Instead I will tell you what remains to be done.

Permalinks and pagerank from blogger. hellosam goes through this but in my quick quick attempt it didn’t work out. I haven’t found the time for more attempts, but that’s what holidays are for right? I’ll get back on the matter I think.

Layout. Right now I’m using a WordPress theme called iNove by NeoEase. I think it’s a fairly good looking one but…for one thing it’s a bit to fancy for me. The black shiny header just doesn’t seem quite right to me, neither does some of the objects in the right column. I actually tried to edit these already since I thought it would be a walk in the park. The only accomplished result is that I now have two identical archives :)
Need some time to look into this as well.

That’s it for now, but now that I wrote my migration posts I can start posting other fun stuff again!

Blogger vs Joomla vs WordPress

So this is it, welcome to the new home of pinnapedia! The address changed and so did the platform, the author however is the same as always.

On to the fun stuff, changing platform! I have some previous experience working with an Open Source CMS (Content Management System) called Joomla. Joomla isn’t really made for blogs, it’s much more than that. So I was prepared on some workarounds, problems and obstacles. This is where my story begins…

Part 1. Joomla as a blog tooljoomla_vert_logo_90x70

Challenge was my first thought when I started looking at Joomla for the blog, I was right. For a couple of days this site actually held a fully working Joomla-blog! It’s not here anymore and of course there is a reason. I was never interested in paying for a blog plug-in so my experience is only from some free tools. First thing I did was to make a small list of what criterias I had for claiming success, it was something like this:

  • Blog-like layout
  • List for archived posts
  • Support comments
  • Some kind of categorizing similar to tags
  • Static pages supplementing the blog
  • No lack of feature compared to the old blogger (why would I then change?)

Bonus features

  • Import from the old Blogger blog.

Joomla actually managed to give me most of this. The layout was a bigger problem than I could’ve imagined, there are lots and lots of free templates for Joomla out there but almost none aimed at blogging. With some template edits I managed ok but was never quite satisfied. Comments, Categorizing (and tags) was accomplished with a plugin called Lyfftenbloggie. Of the plugins I looked at this was by far the most competent. Still…the posting wasn’t that straight forward, the comments suffered from some bugs, the plugin limited my layout possibilities even more and the archive just looked like…a bag of junk.

I decided that it wasn’t worth it anymore, Joomla is not made for blogging and that was painfully obvious. Next time I’ll set up a full homepage though I’m quite certain that it will run on Joomla which is still my number one choice for CMS. This is where WordPress comes into the picture. Wait for Part 2 to get the full story on how I gave up and decided to take the short cut. Part two can be found here:

>Blogger post template or justify by default


Another one right away!
This is really a minor how-to, only interesting for other bloggers I would guess.
If you’re like me you like your edges on a text block as even as possible, when you’re not making a break row just to bring focus to a specific point. Also know as “justified”.
I haven’t bothered with this before (see earlier posts) since I know myself. Sooner or later I would forget to push that little “align=justify” button and having one or several posts differing from the rest is…not aesthetically appealing to say the least :)
Now however, I actually changed the posts on this page and all further posts will be justified and cute. What changed? I changed the default so it will always be justified, this is not hard but a feature that is easily forgotten (of course you could do the same for other layout preferences you might have).
This is how it’s done!
First we need some code, you’ll acquire this by making a new post. So choose to create a new post and then make the layout preferences of your choice, in my case “justify” (1. in figure).
Then you select the tab, “Edit HTML” (2. in figure). There you go, that’s your code. Now select it and copy.

Now we are going to set this as your default posting template. Discard your post and go back to your Blogger Dashboard. Select “Settings” for your blogg and then formatting. Right at the bottom you’ll see a field called “Post template”, this is where your code goes so paste it in.

Now that field should look something like this (depending on your formatting choice):

Save it and you are all set! From now on your posts will be created with this formatting template and you’ll don’t have to remember pushing any buttons or making any changes, now how bout that?