Create your own Google Play Books library

Last week Google decided it was time to grace more countries with Google Play Books. One of the countries that now can enjoy books in the Play Store is Sweden, yey!

Google Play Books

More or less no Swedish books (not IN Swedish anyway) but that’s ok for a start I think. I tried it out the first day and bought “Lean in” by Sheryl Sandberg that I looked for without luck in the Swedish stores previously. Very easy and if you already use the Play Store buying apps you won’t have to think, it works just the same.

But…I don’t want to re-buy the ebooks that I bought previously and I would like to be able to keep on buying books in Swedish as well. Does that mean I have to use two different apps for reading them? Nope, it doesn’t! Just like with Play Music Google will allow you to upload books you already own to use with the Book app and sync between devices. I haven’t decided if I should give up Fabrik that I’m using today and that already have these features but at least I know the transition would be simple enough. Since the function isn’t promoted enough (in my opinion of course), here’s how it’s done:

To upload

Browse to Select “My Books” in the left menu (below)

Select "My books" in the left menu
Select “My books” in the left menu

Now you get a new button on your right saying “Upload Files”…guess what to do next.

upload files
Click “Upload Files”

Which takes you to the familiar “Drag files here”

Drag and drop or Select files

Drag and drop and your books will be added to the “My Books” section and sync with your devices (if sync is turned on of course). Supports epub and pdf.

Have a nice read :-)

My library with books from both Google Play and uploaded from another store
My library with books from both Google Play and uploaded from another store