Swedish innovation on your arm – Mutewatch

For the last two weeks I’ve been using one of the hyped Mutewatches as my primary time and alarm manager, time to share my impressions!

If you haven’t heard of it before Mutewatch is a watch created by a Swedish startup (called Mutewatch of course). I’ve been explaining what it is a whole lot these last two weeks and looking at functions it doesn’t do a whole lot more than my first digital clock when I was around 8 albeit a bit differently. It’s a clock, nothing less but possibly a bit more.


A bit more

As you see in the picture you get a LED display, this display is capacitive and is the primary mean of managing your watch. The display will automatically sleep after a few seconds and you turn it on by either taping it or simply turning your wrist. This takes some getting used to and the first few days found me staring at a grey piece of plastic a lot of the times. When you get the knack of it however it’s quite neat, the time is not in my face all the time (e.g when typing on my keyboard) but magically appears when I need it. It also has a light sensor and adapts the intensity accordingly as to not blind you in a dark room (or be invisible outside).

It does a bit more than display time. By simply swiping left and right you reach functions for both Alarm and Timer. They work just as you can expect from a watch except it vibrates instead of beeps. This gives a quite comfortable wake-up alarm whilst not waking up other persons in your vicinity. When the alarm goes of you turn it off by tapping the three boxes you see in the picture below, if you miss – the boxes move and you have to start all over :-) By instead tapping the “eternity sign” you set a recurring timer on 9 minutes, also known as snooze. This works very well and the simplicity in setting up alarms and timers make me use it  a lot more than when I use my mobile for alarm and timer.



Everything is not swell in Mutewatch heaven. The vibration instead of alarm is brilliant, but I slept right through it a morning or two. On the other hand (pun intended) I do that now and then with my mobile alarm as well :)

The set-up of alarms and timer is simple enough, but gives you no time to think. If you pause your input to consider if you should wake up 0700 or 0640 you only get a second or so before it saves your alarm and as far as I found there is no way to edit the saved alarm. You can only delete it entirely, which with such an easy set-up will probably not be a problem for anyone but it bugs me just a little bit every time it happens.

That’s it

More or less a common watch, but a whole lot cooler and a bit smarter. When all the rumoured (and announced) smart watches start showing up though I fear that Mutewatch might loose some of their core  target audience. Time will tell and I hope the Swedish company with Mai-Li Hammargren will keep on innovating and bring great ideas to life, maybe even with a firmware update.

It does feel a bit on the expensive side at $259 and a special edition for $299. But if it wasn’t I would already have a red one to complement my grey which of course is a very good rating :-)

Read more at: www.mutewatch.com and make sure to watch at least one of their videos, informative whilst being stylish!

Meet the Mutewatch from Mutewatch on Vimeo.