>Samsung Galaxy i7500 Rooting


Ok, I’ve tried for a long time now to get my Galaxy as good as my HTC Magic. Looking at Hardware I did upgrade when I got the Samsung, the software however. I had grown to like the HTC tweaks in Android (you can read about my keyboard hassle in older posts…).

So last week I gave in, and since “root” is a fact. So what is Root? Since Android is a Linux system the community started using the normal term for “user in full control”. Compare it with a Windows system, there are things you can’t do if your account lacks Administrator rights. Root is when you got those rights. I won’t go into details about how to root your Galaxy, there are a lot of places to read this already and they are more likely to be kept up to date than my blog. Posting some links at the bottom for you…

So what did I get for my Root experiment?
First of all, I installed another ROM (basically the OS of the phone, installation of this is also known as  Flashing). What I installed is a custom ROM (user-made) by Drakaz called “GalaxoHero”. As the name implies it borrows some good stuff from the HTC Hero, it won’t give you the HTC Sense UI but a nice theme impersonating Sense.
What I like in bullets:

  • Keyboard! My beloved HTC Keyboard is back, in Swedish.
  • Exchange support, almost. HTC Hero ships with a application called “Work Mail” that will allow you sync with an Exchange server, only mail though. Very strange since my old HTC Magic had full native Exchange support. Need to look closer into this further down the road.
  • Speed. It will never stop to amuse me when users at home manage to build a quicker system than companies with lots of paid engineers. It was exactly the same with my old Windows Mobile when I started flashing it.
  • Additional settings. Being root allows you to change stuff that Samsung/Google didn’t think you needed. For example I disabled the camera button since a bug had it running 100% even when locked, quick way to drain the battery.
  • Battery, might have something to do with the above. Neither the less my battery always last a day, sometimes two days.
  • Market, if I wanted I could enable paid apps on the Android market even though it doesn’t support Sweden yet.

I hate that Samsung/Google “forced” me to do this. Talking to my iPhone packing friends I always said that I wouldn’t consider a product a success if I had to hack it to use it fully (iPhone Jailbreak). With my HTC Magic I never saw the need for root. Well, I can comfort myself with better hardware so maybe it was worth it, maybe :)

Links for rooting:

Official home of the Galaxo and GalaxoHero Roms:
Recovery Image:
Swedish root instructions: