Update your Nexus with Gingerbread

It’s time, took longer than I expected but now we have a link to get the GB update. So if you don’t have the patience, this is what you have to do to get Gingerbread up and running:

Get the file (directly from Google) here (note, made for FRG83G). Make sure you have at least around 75% battery remaining, you don’t want it shutting down during flash!

  1. Change the name of the zipfile to update.zip and put it directly in the root of your phone
  2. Turn off your phone.
  3. Press and hold Volume Down while pressing Power
  4. Choose the option Recovery (using volume keys and power to select)
  5. A screen with a Triangle and an Android will show up
  6. Press Volume Up and Power simultaneously
  7. Choose the option Apply sdcard:update.zip (using your Trackball)
  8. When its done, select Reboot

Welcome to a new updated version of Android :)

If you have a Nexus S it’s almost the same. Get one of these files:

If you’re running Android 2.3.1

If you’re running Android 2.3.2

On Nexus S you don’t have to rename the file, and you push [Volume Up] instead of down to boot into recovery.



Not much blogging going on here for a while. Finishing up one assignment, starting a new one and at the same time buying an apartment takes up a lot of energy. The good news is that my first post in a while can be the one announcing…Gingerbread (Android 2.3.3) is rolling out for Nexus One (and Nexus S). Announced by http://twitter.com/googlenexus.

They warn us that the roll-out might take a few weeks but we don’t want to wait for that do we? Hang on for a couple of ours and I’m sure I can find you a direct update link. See you then :)

Nexus gets Gingerbread
Original tweet