>Blogger post template or justify by default


Another one right away!
This is really a minor how-to, only interesting for other bloggers I would guess.
If you’re like me you like your edges on a text block as even as possible, when you’re not making a break row just to bring focus to a specific point. Also know as “justified”.
I haven’t bothered with this before (see earlier posts) since I know myself. Sooner or later I would forget to push that little “align=justify” button and having one or several posts differing from the rest is…not aesthetically appealing to say the least :)
Now however, I actually changed the posts on this page and all further posts will be justified and cute. What changed? I changed the default so it will always be justified, this is not hard but a feature that is easily forgotten (of course you could do the same for other layout preferences you might have).
This is how it’s done!
First we need some code, you’ll acquire this by making a new post. So choose to create a new post and then make the layout preferences of your choice, in my case “justify” (1. in figure).
Then you select the tab, “Edit HTML” (2. in figure). There you go, that’s your code. Now select it and copy.

Now we are going to set this as your default posting template. Discard your post and go back to your Blogger Dashboard. Select “Settings” for your blogg and then formatting. Right at the bottom you’ll see a field called “Post template”, this is where your code goes so paste it in.

Now that field should look something like this (depending on your formatting choice):

Save it and you are all set! From now on your posts will be created with this formatting template and you’ll don’t have to remember pushing any buttons or making any changes, now how bout that?