Why my new laptop runs Windows, software software software

I’ve been pretty intrigued by Apple computers for a long time and the Mac Mini that I have hooked up to my TV since 2010 only increase my interest. Last time I got a new laptop (early 2011, I know crazy!) the only thing that stopped me from a Mac was a company policy.

This time though, policy gone and I immediately started looking at differences between Macbook Pro and Air. Still think they got good hardware paired with an interesting OS. One complaint though on OS X, I often feel that I’m supposed to either use the interface exactly like Apple want me to, or be prepared to hack away in the terminal. There’s no in-between and for a power user (as I would call myself) but not that keen on going back to commandline instead of GUI that gets a little crippling.

Even so, I wanted to go for the full OS X experience, using it 100% instead of only on my second computer. So why did I instead order a Dell XPS Infinity? In the end what tipped the scale was…Office. My work consists somewhere around 80% of production or reading different Microsoft Office Documents. To confine myself to an OS where the latest version is Office 2011 seems nothing short of stupid. Sure, I got the online version through my 365, there’s a fully working Apple production suite, or one of the free options like Open Office or Google Apps but I tend to end up preferring Ms Office.

As long as Microsoft manages to stay ahead of the competition with Office as well as keeping the latest versions exclusive to Windows…that software is my number 1 priority.

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