Change to HTC keyboard on your non-HTC Android device

When I updated my Galaxy to Android 1.6 I lost my HTC keyboard. Luckily I’ve found the simplest solution so far, and yes it does support other languages than English. Right now my phone has HTC softkeyboard with Swedish letters but one of the best things is that it allows me to change that to English in a whim just like if it was the stock one!

So how is this done?

For starters, it’s all made possible by jonasl at who extracted this from a HTC Desire ROM. I had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of this method I’m just sharing what I’ve learned. The files needed (and instructions, full feature list and more details) can be found in this thread: I’m just gonna make it a bit clearer and not use the ADB method which in my opinion require a bit more technical knowledge.


Update 20100531, just like Albin stated in the comments this has gotten a lot easier now. Get the files at the link above, add to your sd-card and install with any app manager. Just make sure you enabled “Unknown sources” in Settings->Application. Done! Updated version works with the pre-FroYo release as well.


  1. First, get the files. There are one version for low resolution phones (Samsung Galaxy, HTC G1 etcetera) and one for high resolution (Nexus One, Motorola Droid/Milestone etcetera). Note that the later version of low-res only works on Android 1.6 and up, if you have an older version of Android use an older version (available further down)
  2. Unpack the zipfile at any location.
  3. Connect your phone and mount your SD Card (Notification bar->Mount) and copy HTC_IME.apk and .htcime to the root of your SD card (if you want to be able to recalibrate your touch input you also need to copy Clicker.apk)
  4. From your computer double-click .htcime and choose to open it with Notepad (can be found in C:\Windows) or other text editor.
  5. Put a # in front of every language you DON’T intend to use, the rest will be available in the same order as in the list. DON’T change the number in front of each line (Language ID)! Then it should look something like this (with more languages further down):

    .htcime example
    Example of the .htcime file
  6. Dismount your SD card (reverse mount procedure) and unplug your phone
  7. If you don’t have a file manager on your phone, get one from the market (Astro file manager, Linda etcetera) anyone should do
  8. On your phone, go to: Settings -> Applications. Tick the box next to “Unknown sources” (otherwise you can only install applications from the market, remove it when you’re done if nervous)
  9. Open the file manager you’ve chosen. Find the files you copied and select HTC_IME.apk and chose to install
  10. Then go to: Settings -> Locale & text. Tick the box next to Touch Input
  11. Start to write a text message (any text field will do really)
  12. Touch and hold the text field until you get a pop-up and then select “Input method”
  13. Mark “Touch Input”. Re-select the text field and the keyboard that shows up should be the HTC one.
  14. To chose between your languages and the different versions of the keyboard (QWERTY, Compact QWERTY or Dial pad) tap the settings button as shown here