>There’ll be no tadaas today but just you wait…


With this interval between posts you might think that the blog is dying, but nothing could be more wrong. It’s just that to be able to write and think about IT and other technical stuff you need some time to play around! And that’s what I’m doing right now. If all would have gone according to my original idea I would write about it sometime…today. But as we all know, if it works out exactly like your original idea it wouldn’t be any fun. Still I’m a bit disappointed but as so often before: when one door closes another opens up. In this case it means holding of the Tadaa!-post for a few days and something of an easy way out (at least that’s what I think right now). Stay tuned for tadaa’s…

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Consultant in the area of IT Project Management and project administration. Dedicated technical enthusiast playing with mobiles, computers etcetera. The rest of my time goes into music (mainly guitar or listening) and friends (including my family).

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