>Tough week


This has really been a hard one, therefore no blogposts.
On Monday some sneaky bastard stole my phone and I’ve been trying to work without a calendar since then. Very confusing and with all the energy wasted on blocking the SIM, the phone, reporting to the police, the insurance company etcetera etcetera I haven’t had much left for the fun stuff in life. At least I finished last week with a high when installing Windows 7 so I can enjoy my laptop a bit extra now that my precious magic Android left me. On a side note, my brother just got a new phone…and he got himself an iPhone. Something must have gone bad in my attempts to save the world. Next week I’ll try to pick myself together and start thinking of who can ever replace the magic that once was, suggestions are welcome :)

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Consultant in the area of IT Project Management and project administration. Dedicated technical enthusiast playing with mobiles, computers etcetera. The rest of my time goes into music (mainly guitar or listening) and friends (including my family).

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