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I’m starting to feel like such a Linux hacker :)
Here are some steps to trim and tune your Samsung Galaxy (should be the same on other Android devices). The origins for this tip is linked in the bottom and is based on a Galaxo ROM. So these applications won’t necessary be present on your device if you use another ROM or device, the same procedure applies though. You need the Android SDK installed on your computer and know how to use ADB since that isn’t covered here. But let’s assume you already got that.

Some can-be-removed from Galaxo on a Samsung Galaxy and how-to do it:

# Setup your connection
Boot in normal mode
Connect you device using the USB cable
Run cmd

#Open your tools directory
Cd “your-path-to-Android”/tools

# Remount read/write
adb remount

# open shell
adb shell

# go to apps directory (note that this is different on different ROMS, stock ROM has /system/app)
cd /data/app_s

# delete QuickDroid (comes with Galaxo ROM, remove if you don’t use it, uses a lot of resources)
rm QuickDroid.apk

# delete NPS sync (Samsung specific sync software, it doesn’t work so why run it!)
rm wssyncmlnps.apk

# disable drexe (Samsung specific, this gets baseband info for NPS. Renaming this file made my device incapable to find any networks. Works for other users though. If you get any problem revert by doing it again in opposite direction with the .off path first)
mv /system/bin/drexe /system/bin/drexe.off

# disable npsmobex (Samsung specific, this handles auth with nps)
mv /system/bin/npsmobex /system/bin/npsmobex.off

I also removed:
# delete GalaxoApps (Galaxo Rom specific. No use after first run)
rm GalaxoApps.apk

# delete HDBlogg.it link (Galaxo Rom specific.)
rm HDBlogg.apk

The same procedure can be used for any app (including default apps. E.g. youtube app)
# To see a list of your installed apps

Have fun but be careful, deleting system parts you don’t know what it is might lead to a faulty device and need for a full recovery.

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