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So here it is, as promised: a simple how-to for enabling some nice stats for your Blogger blogg. Google analytics actually gives you a lot of fun data. Things I know about my blogg that I found interesting: About half of you found me through a search engine, the rest on reffering sites (some very few typed the address in). Only 10% of the visits comes from Sweden (look at previous posts and you’ll noticed how almost everything is in English now) and a smashing 45% comes from the US. As mentioned earlier I also know what you read and what you ignore (at least as long as you look at the details on an entry).
First of all you need a blogg but lets assume you already got that part (uninteresting reading ahead otherwise). Now here we go!
  1. Start using Google Analytics
    Now, head over to http://google.com/analytics/
    If you are new to Analytics well then you click the “Sign up now” on your right.
    Otherwise you log in and add a new profile.
    These steps are rather straight forward, just answer the questions (IF you find something unclear, please post a comment and I’ll add this to the instruction).
  2. Collect your tracking code
    As one of the last steps both when signing up and adding a new profile you’ll find your Tracking Code. This is simply a block of JavaScript code that you Select and Copy.
  3. Get that code into Blogger
    Go to www.blogger.com (don’t you just love Tabs?:-)
    Sign in and choose the blogg that you want to track.
    Click on the tag “Template”.
    Scroll down to the end of the code in the html box and paste your Tracking Code just before the ending tags so it looks something like this:

    Save your template changes and choose Republish

  4. Was it tricky? Check your status!
    In Google Analytics your “Status” tells you wither or not you succeeded.
    It should now say Receiving data and not be a big warning sign :)
    If it is still a yellow sign saying Tracking unknown or Tracking not installed, well my instructions was a big fail. Give me a slap on the fingers and I’ll update the instructions so others won’t have to make the same mistake.
I’m well aware that this is not the only place you can find this info. You can even find it scattered among googles own support articles. One more place won’t harm, and maybe I gave some light to some part that was unclear earlier. Most of all I would like to know if there are still things you don’t understand so make a comment and I will get back to you.

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