>VideoLAN Codec version 1.0 released!

Big news!
The outstanding (in my humble opinion) media player VideoLAN Codec (or just “VLC) is released in it’s first “live” version as of yesterday.
The release called Goldeneye holds some new features and is according to people who tried it “stable as a rock”. Myself is on the slow side and just started downloading, but for once I feel certain I won’t be disappointed.

Things in VLC that makes it my first choice any day for Video:
+ No codecs!
+ Plays everything (close enough at least).
+ Shipped with on of the most sober skins still out there (No everything bubbly and shiny is not how I want my media player. Next person that makes a skin that looks like a remote with a display should be tied-up!)
+ Plays .img and .iso files without mounting
+ Network streaming.
+ etc.

The only thing I miss is being able to play my .img and .iso files even if they are compressed in multiple .rar files (it does support “normal” file formats compressed though).

Development has been ongoing for over 8 years, worth the wait
Get VLC 1.0 right away over at: http://www.videolan.org/

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