>What a vacation eh?


Now that was some vacation wouldn’t you say?
I am of course back some time ago, but my motivation took some extra.
I’ve been thinking about changing the focus on this blogg a bit.
Less news and most likely posts. Instead of trying to get you to come back here checking what I wrote this time I’ll try to write interesting stuff (according to the stats you seem to like instructions so expect more of those) that might lure some unsuspecting googlers of their track :)
Of course I want you to come back for more so I’ll try to keep em coming and the small suggestions and product heads-up will of course not stop.
That’s it for now, I’ve got a small and simple how-to enable stats for blogger (since Blogger decided to make it hard for us) coming up. Not the first one out there but having one more place to find it can’t hurt right?

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Consultant in the area of IT Project Management and project administration. Dedicated technical enthusiast playing with mobiles, computers etcetera. The rest of my time goes into music (mainly guitar or listening) and friends (including my family).

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